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One Little Word for 2018

Happy 2018!

I know that I have been sharing few and far between posts in 2017. I plan to do so MUCH more blogging this year. I’ve missed sharing stories with you. So if you’re still here, THANK YOU for sticking around.

The last quarter of 2017 bought so many realization. Friends leaving Dubai for good. Companies downsizing. That we at some stage will move on from working overseas and our expat life.

The only constant in life is change.


“Courage” was a word I have been pondering on since the start of the year. I discovered this when I participated in our oil group’s “what will I manifest in 2018” game, you just need to take a screenshot and whatever word or phrase appears is what you are suppose to manifest this year. I won’t let predictions define me or my day, but the word stayed with me. I prayed about it and the word “courage” just kept coming back to me. I knew it was the right one. If you want to check out what you might need to manifest this year, click here.



1. mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty

2. fearlessness, dauntlessness, intrepidity, pluck, spirit.


I will have the courage to DO things that will make me happy. I will show courage in situations that I have no control. To have the courage to let go of stressful tasks. To have the courage to see the blessing in difficult situations. Courage to create and do more things that will make me a better version of me.

My friend, Neelu inspired me to choose the one word that you would intentionally live with for the year. Read her post here.

Courage. Yep, this just fits right for me this 2018.

What is your one little word?


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Hi, my name is Abigail a stay at home Mama of two LittleOnes and currently residing in Dubai, UAE since 2009. This is my little space online where I share activities, places we've been, food we enjoy and snippets of our daily expat life. ‘Cuddles and Crumbs’ is a combination of the two main things I share on this blog: cuddles (family) and crumbs (food).


  1. Zahra says

    To fight new battles along with the old.
    To Give.
    To struggle.
    To smile through the pain.
    To lift myself up again and again.
    To still be thankful.
    To show gratitude for what I already have.
    To drive new roads.
    To let my kid stay in school without me 😦
    To lose not hope.
    To lose not faith,
    But to lose some weight 😉
    All I need is some Strength.

  2. ♥ Abidha Basheer ♥ says

    Nicely written! Courage is not being fearless or emotionless, but facing something when you fear or feel sad from it. These words were said in the children’s cartoon, ‘Thomas Train’. Thought to share it with you. God bless 💕

  3. This 2018, I choose to be JOYFUL whatever life’s circumstances we are in. Despite life’s challenges and changes that will come along the way, choosing to be Joyful will keep us going. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts ❤

  4. It might be a strange one, but I am thinking “Resolved”.
    I jump from one thing to the next too quickly then eventually everything starts to consume me; greater clarity on end goals and sticking to it! Look forward to seeing how everyone goes!

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