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Kansas City Fountains at The Plaza

We spent 1 week at Kansas City during our US trip to spend time with my Uncle Bernard. It was our chance to experience the “American life” my Uncle has been living for more than 10 years. I just use to hear stories of how life is back in Kansas, it was nice to finally see the places in his stories and dine at his favorite restaurants.

The first things that the kids noticed on our drive from the airport to my Auntie Lory’s house was the big fountain located at the entrance/exit of the airport and then some more along the way. You will see more beautiful fountains at the Plaza. To which the kids declared that they need more quarter to make a wish.

Later on we found out that Kansas City is also called The City of Fountains. We were then on a quest to have the kids photo taken on each fountain we see.

The first fountains built in Kansas City were made for the horses, dogs and birds to drink.

ThePlazaRoadIf you are on the same fountain quest like us then the best place to visit is the Country Club Plaza (The Plaza). The Plaza is a picturesque shopping center, with building designs  patterned after the structures found in Seville, Spain.

Here are some photos of Fountains & Sculptures at The Plaza

JC Nichols Memorial Fountain

JC Nichols Memorial Fountain with horse

The J. C. Nichols Memorial Fountain has four heroic horsemen which are said to represent the four rivers of the world: the Mississippi River (the Indian riding the horse and beating off an alligator), the Volga River (with the bear), the Seine and the Rhine. Information from

Wishing at JC Nichols Memorial FountainMaking a wish was serious business for our LittleMiss C.

Allen Memorial Fountain

Allen Memorial Mother and Child Fountain Kansas City

Imported from Italy, this fountain was dedicated in 1962 to the daughter and son-in-law of the late Jesse Clyde Nichols, Earl and Eleanor Nichols Allen, who died in a house fire. Information from

Boy and Frog Fountain

Oh my the boy made wee wee on the frog, Ma! Not true because it is the frog spraying water to the boy.

Boy and Frog Fountain Kansas City

The Boy and Frog Fountain is an original bronze and Verona marble fountain by Raffaello Romanelli. Information from

Four Founs Fountain

Four Fauns Fountain Kansas City

Four children of the Roman spirit Faunus frolic in the water of this Plaza Fountain purchased in Brindisi, Italy in 1928. Information from

Seville Light Fountain

Seville Light Fountain Kansas City

Sculptor Bernhard Zuckerman was commissioned to create an exact replica of the Plaza de Los Reyes fountain in Seville, Spain. Information from

We also saw some interesting sculptures.

Invincible Spirit SculptureInvincibleSpirit


Wild Boar of Florence – People can drop coins and rub the boars nose for good luck.

Wild Boar of Florence Sculpture Kansas Cityand finally a beautiful Light post that I do not have any information off.


We have covered 5 fountains out of the 200+ registered fountains of Kansas City. Till the next trip back to KC.

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