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Baby wearing: The BabaSling

We are slowly discovering the joys of baby wearing. I had a chance to wear Vierte when he was about 3 months old and became a must have whenever we went out since he didn’t like to stay in the stroller. For V I used the baby pouch and ring sling. Before Chloe was born I was already searching for the best carrier available and was already interested in buying the Moby Wrap and BabaSling. Just before we were about to purchase either a surprise came when Grace and her daughter Pristine came to visit bearing gifts and one of them is a BabaSling.     I’ve been watching TheBabaSlings how to videos and been reading the instructions for days and finally managed to wear Chloe comfortably in the sling, even managed to breast feed her in it.   Worn her twice while we were in the mall and we’ve got a few stares and praises on how cute she is inside, once I heard someone commenting that the baby might be having a hard time …

Ladybug Cake

Ma, how old is my baby sister?  Vierte always ask me this question, after getting a reply he would get one of my cake books and start to plan a party for Chloe. When I told him that Chloe is turning a month old he already had a cake in mind. Vierte grab my 50 Easy Party Cake by Debbie Brown book and showed me the design (and he does insist that it’s a ladybug not ladybird) with instructions that it should be a chocolate cake with dark chocolate icing. LittleMan V also deserve a thank you cake. He got a mini bug cake. I love you Kuya Vierte and Baby Chloe! Both of you make Mommy and Daddy happy.

Chloe Isabelle is 1 month

Chloe is a month old! C and I have been talking about the night we went to the hospital and if it weren’t for the 2 emergency CS who came after us Chloe should have been born on the 24th. All those seem just like it happened yesterday. During our hospital stay we struggled with breastfeeding that I almost resorted to formula good thing the nurses around me was encouraging that I was feeding her just fine. Here we are a month after happy to say that I have established a good  breast milk supply. Oh sleep..well I’m lucky if I get a good 3 hours and that only happens if she sleeps beside me in bed with her Kuya Vierte. The first week we came home I let her sleep in the crib but that didn’t work for us, I kept checking if she was ok and by the time I’m sure that she is breathing well and I’m about to sleep Chloe wakes up hungry. In the morning though she sleeps long hours …