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Light Up Skylanders Portal of Power Cake

Skylanders Light Up Portal Cake

  For the past two weeks, we’ve been busy preparing for LittleMan’s 7th birthday party. Him and Dad had specific instructions on how the cake would look like and most importantly that I be the one to make it. “Mom, you’re the only one allowed to make my cake!”

Last dance with Sheya

I just learned that 7th birthday are suppose to be celebrated in a grand way. I don’t remember having a fancy celebration when I turned 7.   Vierte with birthday girl Sheya Our family friend, the Mendoza’s celebrated the 7th birthday of their youngest at Novotel Hotel. Pretty Sheya had 2 birthday gowns for the event. Kids presented a Move’s like Jagger Dance and V had a special last dance with Sheya.   V was Sheya’s last dance.  He’s such a young man now worrying about clothes to wear and what shoe’s goes well with it and his hair has to be spiky. He’s got 5 girlfriends and one special girl to whom he likes to hold hands with.  You will always be Mum’s 1st baby boy!