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Ampalaya Salad recipe

Ampalaya Salad

I’ve been slowly introducing V to eating raw vegetables this month, I guess it has been my fault that he’s not gotten to like eating more fruits in vegetables since we have been so forgiving of him when he refuse to eat them. We have reinforce the rule of having 1 bite of each food prepared during meal time, explaining to him that he will never know if the dish taste good if he never try and eating vegetables will make him stronger. As a kid my cousins use to put all their veggie share on my plate and bully me to finishing all of them or else I’m not allowed to leave the dining table, thanks to our Manang’s who would only require me to finish a spoonful of my veggie share. Sadly I was not a big vegetable eater as a kid but I did eat a lot of fruits, it was not till my teens that I enjoyed eating them. One of the vegetables that I refuse to eat is Ampalaya (Bitter …