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School Lunchbox Week 1

Yes, I know we are on the 3rd week of school but it’s never too late to share V’s school lunchbox.

Parents were reminded during the school orientation to pack healthy lunch for kids to bring since unhealthy sweets can make young ones be hyper active.

V’s school start very early, assembly time is at 7:20 am and 8th period ends at 1:40 pm. I initially thought that Grade 1 will have two breaks (1 for snack and 1 for lunch) but they only have one at 10:25 am till 11:00 am, when the teacher told us about this all the parents reacted with one question “Won’t the kids get hungry?” to which the teacher replied with “That’s why you should make sure they eat a healthy heavy breakfast.”

Sahara Tiger LunchBox

My week 1 lunchbox ideas for V was to send him a filling snack/lunch to school and preferably something that is warm. During our vacation I bought a Sahara Tiger Thermal Lunchbox this keeps food warm for up to 8 hrs (C did prove this to be true, lunchbox was prepared at 5:30 am and stayed warm till 12 noon). V’s complain on this lunchbox – heavy and big.


Daiso Food Containers


I was on a search for V’s perfect lunchbox something light, has compartments and something that will keep food warm. The search led me to Daiso I purchased this rectangular shape clear box, silicon muffin cups and clear square box with lid.

Lunchbox Week 1


I’m giving myself a pat on the shoulder for managing to pack a pretty healthy lunchbox for V. Here’s what I prepared for 1st week I just forgot to snap a photo of his 1st day lunch.

Day 2 Lunchbox

1 Cream Cheese, 1 Nutella & 1 deli meat animal shaped sandwich, Full Cream Milk, boiled Corn, Apple & Olives.


V came home telling me that his classmate ate 3 sandwiches, good thing he ate all of his corn.


Day 3 Lunchbox

Rice topped with Broccoli & Carrots, Apples & Oranges, Banana Oat Muffin, Chicken Adobo strips with Quail Eggs


V came back with 1 muffin, untouched rice, 1 pc of apple slice, half of adobo strips


Lunchbox Day 4

Rice, Boiled Corn & Edemame beans, Shrimp Hakaw


Rice and half of the corn & edemame came back home


Lunchbox Day 5

Yag Go! Chocolate Milk, Deli Meat & Cream Cheese Sandwich, Yakult, and Apples


V ate all his apple and came home with half eaten sandwich.


Overall I’m happy that V ate most of the food I prepared for him. V doesn’t want to eat a lot in school afraid that he might go potty #2 and he requested that I don’t send him with a lot of food in school.

What did you pack for your kid’s school lunch? What is your favorite lunch box container?


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