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Getting ready for school with Centrepoint

This school year we have two students in our household which only means twice the chaos every morning. I am still having a hard time accepting the fact that our LittleMiss will no longer be my constant shadow. She still has 6 more days with me before nursery school starts and I have been giving in to most of her requests.

LittleMiss is beyond excited for nursery school to start, she has been playing teacher and mommy to her toys.

“Baby, you will go to play school and mommy will wait for you outside.”

Mama when I go to play school you be a big girl and not cry, ok?”

To not cry. That I cannot promise.

I was still holding back tears when Kuya V left for his first day of 3rd grade.

The day came when it was time to go back to school shopping.

School Bag Shopping at Centrepoint

She moved from one aisle to another, took all her sweet time to choose the perfect school stuff. Get’s one item and let go of it again, which made Kuya V upset 

“Choose already! They all work the same”

I really can’t blame her, she was spoilt with choices – character bags, hair clips, socks, shoes, lunch boxes and lot more.


She bribed Kuya by asking him to go choose his stuff first and then excitedly tell him “Look Kuya! this bag is so cute. Aww Can I get this?”

We shopped at Centrepoint which is a great place for families to shop, you will find items from Babyshop,  Splash, Lifestyle, Shoe Mart and Beauty Bar inside.  When I was still pregnant with LittleMiss I too got lost in the store, the boys would leave me inside to grab a snack because I was taking my time shopping.

CentrepointShoppingAll done and ready for school!

Disclaimer: The kids were given a gift card for this shopping experience. All views and opinions are my own.

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