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A week with BentGo Kids Lunchbox + Giveaway

It has been 1 month (plus) since school started and I’m still obsessing over getting the kids new lunchboxes and more bento tools for me to play around. I am happy with the existing lunchboxes that we have but found an excuse to but another one because LittleMiss started nursery and want some pastel colored boxes that is only her own. / “That is Kuya’s lunchbox, not mine.” “I want pink, purple or yellow.” I wanted the new boxes to be leak proof and lighter in weight. The search led me to several options and finally settled to BentGo Kids lunchbox. The kids have been using the box for a week now and they absolutely love it, I do too. Follow us on instagram for more school lunch ideas. Let us tell you why. Easy to open and drop proof design, the box has 2 latch that can easily be opened by my 3 yr old and it has rubber coated edges that is great for active kids who tend to always drop things when in …