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When we met Anna and Elsa…

Our flight to Los Angeles was the day LittleMiss turned 3 years old. We have not yet got a chance to celebrate her birthday the day she was born, it was either a few days before or after.

She was at the age where Disney Princess & Peppa Pig were her best friends, to meet them was her ultimate wish. As soon as our US visa got approved we made plans and the first on the list was a trip to Disneyland Anaheim. This is our 2nd Disneyland trip, we have been to HK but LittleMiss was still too young to appreciate then.

Month’s before our US vacation, we all watched and got to know the stories of all Disney Princesses and Fairies (I love Tinkerbell!). We of course have been hit by the Frozen Fever, the ultimate goal was to meet Ana, Elsa and Olaf. If we’ve done that our Disneyland trip is complete.

DisneyCaliforniaAdventureI have learned from Casey of DLR Prep School that to secure a meet and greet with the Frozen characters we have to secure a fastpass. Casey also sent us maps prior to our visit to plan our Disneyland route. If you are heading to Disneyland resort anytime, I highly recommend you visit her blog and get some tips for an extra fun trip.

Frozen Fun FastPassWe got hold of four fastpasses the first 20 minutes we were inside 🙂 all because of Casey’s tips.

Kuya V wore a GoPro from Ninang Athens to capture the moment – Anna and Elsa are the first Princesses we got to meet. LittleMiss had her authograph book and pen all ready.


The moment both kids saw them was just priceless, we all literally froze for a minute. LittleMiss who rehearsed how she would introduce herself to them was not able to speak.

DisneyFrozen Anna & Elsa Authograph

Both Princess Anna & Queen Elsa made us all feel like we were really inside their castle, conversations between them were all about Arendelle, Olaf and the whole cast. It definitely set the right Disney mood.


Here’s the GoPro video which captured the time we Anna & Elsa

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