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Remember when I told you here that I ordered some reusable nappies back home? Well my sister took care of it for me and she already got the package.   Thank you myTots!  

Cloth Diaper

For the past week I’ve been reading about cloth diapers and boy was the information overwhelming. There’s like a secret language when you’re into cloth diapering. Here’s some of them that you would encounter: CD – cloth diaper MCD – modern cloth diaper AIO – All in One AI2 – All in Two or Hybrid Pocket Fitted   I have so far been eyeing the following diapers   *clicking the image will direct you the the brand’s site.   I’m still not sure whether the AIO or Pocket cloth diaper will work for us that’s why we have decided to try each kind available and work on our diaper stash when the baby arrives. As what other mom’s suggested online you will never know which one will work for you unless you’ve tried it yourself. I assumed that cloth diapers will be available in the UAE market but I was wrong and didn’t find one single store in the mall that have them. Luckily I found a lady who sells the Australian brand itti bitti and …