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Ceasar Palace Pool Fun

Our hotel stay at Ceasars Palace, Las Vegas

We left Downtown, Los Angels around 7 am and arrived at Las Vegas shortly after 12 noon. Yes, it took us almost 5 hours (should be just 4 hrs) because we had to do several stops to get food, refill car fuel and toilet break. We were not in a hurry because Uncle B was scheduled to arrive at 11 am so he checked-in the Ceasar Palace hotel for us, it was a blessing because there was long line waiting to be checked-in. As soon as our baggage arrived in the room, we headed out to get proper food, it was the first time that the kids refuse to have another bite of hotdog, chips or bread. Our room had 2 queen size bed and had a view of the Pallazo. Oh my jaccuzi! The kids told us that they want to have one in our house, if we have the space. They once had so much fun in the jaccuzi and they did not hear me knocking the door (I left my key card and phone inside), I had …

Madame Tussauds

Meeting Hollywood Stars at Madame Tussauds

After a few days in Los Angeles we took a road trip to Las Vegas to meet my Uncle B, Ceasar Palace is our home during this stay.. He’s the younger brother of my Papa and took on the role of being a father for me and my siblings since my Papa passed away. Spending time with him was the main reason why we decided to spend our summer in the USA, he’s planning to retire soon and want to show us what was life like there. He is Lolo Dino to my children and he does a good grandpa job. Oh how he spoils them. We initially planned to just spend 3 days in Vegas but he convinced us that the kids will have fun with all the theater shows so we extended our stay to five days. I think that he just really want to spend quality time with them where it’s only him showering them with attention. He planned our itinerary, first stop was Madame Tussauds. It was our first time. The figures look …