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Dubai Miracle Garden

V’s exam week is finally over and we all need a breather, something new and definitely not inside a mall. The weather now is just perfect to be spent outdoors. Daddy C suggested that we drive to Dubai Miracle Garden since we haven’t been to the place yet. Sharing some photos: It was Friday afternoon and the place was packed with tourists and locals. We’d like to visit the garden on a weekday and enjoy a quiet morning appreciating all the flowers in bloom. LittleMan V had fun running around, smelling the flowers and teaching LittleMiss C the colors. She had fun copying whatever her big brother was doing. LittleMiss C and her awkward picture pose. Dubai Miracle Garden has about 45 million flowers in bloom, presented in stunning topiary designs of pyramids, flower beds, and Burj Khalifa. Flower designs will change every year so returning visitors will have something to look forward too every season. Food stalls are available for you to grab a quick bite, but I do suggest that you don’t visit …

a Wedding Cake

I told my bride friend I’d post about the cake after I get a copy from the photographers but I just can’t wait any longer and have to share my latest achievement.   I’ve been busy for the past month preparing for this cake. Yes it did took a long time to plan-look for the right flowers, baking pans and just the perfect cake recipe.   Once I get the professional photos I’ll post more pictures with the cake recipe. For now, here is the latest cake (and my first wedding cake) from my kitchen.