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a Wedding Cake

I told my bride friend I’d post about the cake after I get a copy from the photographers but I just can’t wait any longer and have to share my latest achievement.   I’ve been busy for the past month preparing for this cake. Yes it did took a long time to plan-look for the right flowers, baking pans and just the perfect cake recipe.   Once I get the professional photos I’ll post more pictures with the cake recipe. For now, here is the latest cake (and my first wedding cake) from my kitchen.  

Happy 4th Birthday Vierte!

How time flies, 4 years back Mister God surprised C and I with a special gift our little man. Last October 17 he turned 4 years and all he wanted was McDonalds Nuggets with toy and Dragon Cake. When I asked him what cake he wanted for his birthday, V reached for my 50 Easy Party Cakes by Debbie Brown book and pointed on the green Dragon Cake but requested his dragon to be red “It’s my favorite color Mama.” Teacher asked us to be at the school by 9:30 am so the kids would have some time to enjoy the food and cake. But the traffic lights had a different plan and we arrived late about 9:45 am the kids were about to start eating snack. We didn’t have enough time to put the dragon eggs and take pictures with the cake plus C’s camera went bonkers on us and just wouldn’t allow us to take good photos. The kid’s reaction when they saw the cake was just priceless. V kept telling his classmates …