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Caboodle dubai Freaky Friday

Science is Fun at Caboodle

We found ourselves spending a fun weekend at Caboodle, first was at Dubai Mall branch for Freaky Friday. Caboodle’s Freaky Friday is a monthly themed activity where children ages 18 months to 8 years old gets the opportunity to explore and discover a topic thru play. For the month of October it is all about science themed crafts and activities. Under the supervision of a friendly Caboodle staff, kids got to work on fun science experiments – How to make slime, Lava lamp and Ocean bottle.   Mo of Curiosity Lab showed more fun science activities much to the kids delight. LittleMiss Chloe was so interested that she volunteered! Science activities with Curiosity Lab was the highlight that Friday night.   For more information on Caboodle’s future events, click here.   * We were guest’s of Caboodle, Dubai Mall for this event.

Rockstar for a day

  We bought some stuff at GAP  when the cashier informed us of the GAP Rockstar event at Mercato. When V heard the word rockstar he immediately declared he wants to go.   April 14 came and we headed off to one of our my favorite mall Mercato. The organizers asked us to line-up the only problem with this was no one from GAP was there to look after the line and it was quite chaotic with some parents arguing over who was there first.     Finally after spending 40 minutes waiting it was V’s turn to have his rockstar make-over. He had wanted his hair up with colors sprayed on them like the other kids before him. All the time he was looking at this 2 yr old (I think) boy who was crying his lungs out while one of the ladies tried to fix his hair who wanted to give up already but the Mama insisted/instructed that she put more gel here and spray more colors. By this time you could here …