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McDonalds Mini Crew Camp

McDonald’s Mini Crew Camp

Future family goal is to own a McDonalds franchise. For now, both kids spent 4 days at the Mini Crew Camp to learn the ins and outs of kitchen work as well as good customer service. We won’t give out details of the fun activities that happened during camp because we want you and your child to experience it for yourself. One thing I can say is that the kids have declared it as one of the best summer activity they have done together. The 4-day camp is a one of a kind opportunity to be part of the McDonalds crew team and learn the inner workings of a McDonald’s kitchen. My kids came home with some fun facts such as fries are cooked at exactly 3 minutes and that McDonald’s produce their own ice cubes. Participants had a chance to be an actual McDonald’s crew during the on-floor training where they received and dispatched orders, and spoke to customers. At the end of the camp, kids went home with an appreciation on how McDonald’s …