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Kare-Kare Recipe


I had a chance to cook for my mother-in-law and when your husband speaks highly of his parent’s cooking it would be hard for a new member of the family to get that seal of yummy approval. There I was a new wife standing in our kitchen with a couple of printed recipe on how to prepare my MIL’s ultimate favorite food which is kare-kare. It doesn’t help that this is my first time to prepare the dish by myself.  I read through each recipe and took note of the procedure and ingredients that was familiar to me. My MIL’s eyes lit up when she saw that we had kare-kare for lunch and immediately asked who cooked the dish. My husband proudly replied “Si Gail. Sino pa ba.”  which I think has a hidden message that would translate to – Don’t worry Ma, I’ve found a wife who can cook good food for me. “hehehe” C’s parents enjoyed the lunch we prepared for them with much gusto and though I haven’t got a chance to prepare a …