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Xiao Long Bao Din Tai Fung Dubai

Our first Xiao Long Bao experience

We finally got a chance to dine at  Din Tai Fung, the latest restaurant franchise to open it’s doors here in Dubai at Mall of the Emirates. Two of Din Tai Fung’s franchise in Hong Kong was awarded a Michelin Star. The Taiwanese restaurant is known for it’s Xiao Long Bao (XLB), a dumpling with soup inside. Anthony Bourdain refers to them as “pillow of happiness.” We informed our server that it was our first time and she patiently explained how to eat the famous dumpling. She also prepared a ginger, soy and rice vinegar dip to complete our XLB experience. To eat the Xiao Long Bao: Make the soy ginger sauce. Our server warned us that the dumpling is piping hot, wait a few minutes before eating. Take your XLB and dip in your soy ginger sauce. Place your XLB in the spoon and poke a small hole to release the broth. Blow some steam off and enjoy. The original XiaoLongBao is made with pork but the restaurant doesn’t have a license so we settled …