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Family using devices

Technology: Friend or Foe in Family Life?

Families around the world at one point or another have felt the disconnect between parents and children, and even between the adults, which is why we all felt the joy from the Dolmio Pepper Grinder advertisement when it shut off all the electronics in the house, leaving family members with no choice but to converse at the dinner table. Despite technology’s ability to connect others living in different parts of the globe, ironically enough of our devices have this ability to handicap people in social situations, directing our attention to keeping the whole world in the loop instead of focusing on the people right in front of us. But people often forget that there are two sides to every story. While mobile internet can distract us from family time, when used correctly our smartphones and tablets can benefit and even strengthen family bonds. Before the age of smartphones, we had to rely on phone calls, texting and refrigerator calendars to keep up with our kids lives. But thanks to all the developments in mobile technology, …