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Toko Family garden brunch

Family Garden Brunch at Toko Dubai

The weather is perfect to spend outdoors and I don’t feel like cooking on weekends. During this time we find ourselves going and eating out. Luckily, here in Dubai we are spoilt with so many brunch offers that the whole family can enjoy. We recently went to the Family Garden Brunch at Toko located at Vida Downtown. It was our first time to dine at Toko and we immediately fell in love with its Japanese themed garden. Adorned with colorful floating Japanese umbrellas, a relaxing water feature and tall trees, a secret garden in the middle of a concrete jungle. Toko’s brunch is divided in two, an outdoor barbecue/carving area which offers sweet chilli Angus ​b​eef skewers, rib eye steak and miso glazed black cod to name a few and inside the restaurant a beautiful spread of dim sums, desserts, raw salads, sushi and sashimi. If that’s still not enough to convince you, I hope the photo’s will. The brunch setup was not overwhelming which we really liked. It doesn’t mean though that you will leave hungry. If you love Japanese food the selection was …