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Kuya V’s first day in Year 4

He will be turning 9 years old next month and now in Year 4. Every day, I thank God for blessing me with an amazing young man.

10 days till he turns 5

Mom I will be 5 soon right? When I’m 5 Kuya will be a big boy already! October is a special month for us. I gave birth to a special surprise from up above. C and I welcomed a baby boy and we named him Markus Ezekiel. Last week, while I was busy attending to Chloe’s needs Vierte approached me and said “When I was a little baby you also take care of me all the time, right Mama?” I sensed that he badly need to have some mommy time so the moment Chloe took her nap I showed him my old blog posts when he was still a baby. “Ohh mama you love me so much when I was a baby right? and now I’m big boy you still love me right?”  “Yes I do! Remember that you will always be Mommy’s first baby and will always be my baby even when you have a girlfriend.” “Mom! I don’t have a girlfriend. I will say I love you to you always Mama”   We …