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Bye-bye Bottle Nanan

In four months little V will start kindergarten. We have been slowly preparing him for the big day since he turned two years old. He was potty trained and completely weaned off breastfeeding before we celebrated his 2nd birthday. It was a full dreadful drama month with V (and me) crying whenever he pleaded to breastfeed and me about to lose my patience cleaning after every pee accident. All of those is a thing of the past and V would refer to those memories as “when I was a baby.”

He’s a little boy now and it’s once again time to let go of something – toddler cup.  I would know that he’s tired and sleepy when he asks for a “bottle-nanan” this is also what he asks for upon waking up. “Nanan” by the way is breastmilk or bottle milk, it’s not a Filipino word but something we just came up with. V would wake me up at 3am and ask for a bottle nanan and some nights he would sleep without having one. 

C calls him a baby whenever he asks for one, V then replies “Daddy bottle nanan just helps V sleep” and we would always give in. Yesterday we told V it was time to say bye-bye to his bottle and be a big boy drinking milk in a cup like how Mum and Dad enjoys coffee. Last night he finished 2 big cup of milk before going to bed and slept through the night….ohhh bliss!

While preparing breakfast V cried in his sleep.
“Mommy I want bottle nanan please. Please mommy bottle nanan.” 
“I will carry you and we can drink milk in the cup.” 
“No mommy I want my bottle nanan” – he went back to dreamland

After an hour V once again crying went out of the bedroom asking for his nanan. I have to be firm and I’m the boss! “Look love mommy is cooking nuggets for breakfast and we have warm water for your milk. Will make you one chocolate milk in a big boys cup.”  Still crying I lay him on the couch he asked for his blanket and went back to sleep. 

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