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A taste of Atlantis: Seafire Steakhouse & Bar

One Friday I found myself at Atlantis The Palm on a food safari from the steaks of Australia, burgers and fries of USA, cheese and desserts of France and finally pizza and truffles of Italia. A big THANK YOU to Sally of My Custard Pie for organizing the event.

Entering the grand lobby we were welcomed by Amanda Chong, Public Relations and Tarik Kaddoumi, Manager/Online Marketing of Atlantis, Dubai. We first proceeded to Seafire Steakhouse and Bar restaurant and we were introduced to Chef Sasha Triemer, Executive Chef of Atlantis.

I have always been intrigued on what Seafire has to offer, yes I do know it’s a steakhouse but is it like any other steakhouse?

Behind those massive wood doors a warm interior welcomed us bunch of lovely ladies.

Did you know that Atlantis have their own beef? Atlantis cattle are raised in Queensland, Australia. They don’t even marinate their steaks it’s all in the beef just a little bit of salt and pepper, a good grill temperature and viola beef loving goodness mate!

The steaks are the best I have tasted here in Dubai! mmm…

next stop the Burger Joint



Location: The Avenues – Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

Dinner: Sunday – Saturday 6pm-11:30pm

Seafire Bar: 6:00pm – 11:30pm


  1. Fabulous account and pics – I could do this every Friday!  That steak tartare was fantastic – well it all was!

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