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Palitaw: Ube Coconut Rice Balls

I’ve been reading friends status on how delicious mochi balls are. Which started my craving for some but couldn’t find any here. Take a look how Food Librarian made some mochi balls here. Yumyum!

I think mochi balls are quite similar to a favorite Kakanin called Palitaw only shaped like a ball with some filling. I had some glutinous rice flour and ube haleya and decided to make some for our merienda (snack). WhenAdoboMetFeijoada made some using Sweet Purple Potato here.

Palitaw: Ube Coconut Rice Balls 
2 cups glutinous rice flour
1 cup lukewarm water
1 cup coconut flakes
ube haleya

Before preparing rice balls, boil some water on a medium saucepan. 

Stir half cup of water on your glutinous rice flour adding a little bit more of water from the remaining half cup till dough comes together. Firm but pliable. 

Flatten a tablespoon of dough into a circle then fill with ube haleya. Gather sides and pinch to seal. Slowly roll between your palms to make a ball.

Drop a few ball in our boiling water. After a minute or two rice balls will float ladle out and roll on coconut flakes and sugar. Top with sesame seeds.

Ube Haleya
1 kilo Ube -steam and mashed   (purple yam/garadu/sweet purple potato)
1/2 cup condense milk
1/2 cup evaporated milk
1 can coconut milk
1 stick butter

Melt butter and add the rest of the ingredients and mix till you get the right jam consistency. It took me about an hour over medium heat. 

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Hi, my name is Abigail a stay at home Mama of two LittleOnes and currently residing in Dubai, UAE since 2009. This is my little space online where I share activities, places we've been, food we enjoy and snippets of our daily expat life. ‘Cuddles and Crumbs’ is a combination of the two main things I share on this blog: cuddles (family) and crumbs (food).


  1. great job! Thanks for linking my post, I've made these again using ube halaya and they turned out so much better. Re: Kulinarya Cooking Club, please visit here to join,  –everyone welcome. (Oh, and I found you on Twitter. Hope to chat with you more & introduce you to the other Kulinarya members.) 🙂

  2. I thought mochi balls also reminded me of palitaw.  My mom used to make lomichi very similar to palitaw only she uses dessicated coconut.  Recently I made pandan balls too very similar too your recipe however instead of ube  I used yema for the filling.  I think ube though would be a great filling… something to look forward to make.  Yep as Carol said, join as sa KCC.  we have challenges every month and it's a fun way to meet other Pinoy bloggers too!Great to meet you!Malou

  3. Hi Malou! I'm a KCC member na 🙂 looking forward to learn a dish or two from members. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. i never tried this before…you are challenging my food culture, thank you 🙂 now i ll have to research and try of course 🙂

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