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Ube Cheesecake

For the past month I’ve been working on improving the taste of the Ube Cheesecake. Daddy C who is a big fan of Ube Cake requested that I re-create the taste of ube ice cream for the cheesecake. The first batch of ube cheesecake was baked using just mashed boiled ube  and the 2nd batch was enhanced with ube flavoring. I discussed the boys comments with Sandy my sister from another mother who lives in Vienna and she suggested I try making it again but this time use halaya (jam). See ube doesn’t have any distinct taste you need to add butter and salt to boiled one or macapuno to enhance it’s flavor.

Palitaw: Ube Coconut Rice Balls

I’ve been reading friends status on how delicious mochi balls are. Which started my craving for some but couldn’t find any here. Take a look how Food Librarian made some mochi balls here. Yumyum!I think mochi balls are quite similar to a favorite Kakanin called Palitaw only shaped like a ball with some filling. I had some glutinous rice flour and ube haleya and decided to make some for our merienda (snack). WhenAdoboMetFeijoada made some using Sweet Purple Potato here. Palitaw: Ube Coconut Rice Balls 2 cups glutinous rice flour1 cup lukewarm water1 cup coconut flakesube haleyaBefore preparing rice balls, boil some water on a medium saucepan. Stir half cup of water on your glutinous rice flour adding a little bit more of water from the remaining half cup till dough comes together. Firm but pliable. Flatten a tablespoon of dough into a circle then fill with ube haleya. Gather sides and pinch to seal. Slowly roll between your palms to make a ball.Drop a few ball in our boiling water. After a minute or two rice balls …