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Pullman MOE Easter Brunch

It’s our anniversary month and since our day falls on a school night we decided to celebrate early at Pullman’s Easter Brunch. This was also our first brunch experience.


Back home you’ll either see restaurant offers for either breakfast, lunch or dinner buffet not brunch. Yes we Filipinos love to eat a full meal three times a day (sometimes 5 if you include a snack time).


How do you prepare for brunch?


Brunch was from 12 noon to 4 pm, eating straight for 4 hours! C and I prepared for this 4 hour meal by skipping our usual breakfast and opted to just have some bread. V on the other hand upon hearing Easter was excited for egg hunts (which we haven’t done yet), easter bunny and eating a whole lot of candy.


With an empty stomach and excited toddler we arrived at Pullman MOE around 12:30 and was comfortably seated 5 (big) steps away from the Chocolate Room.


We looked around the buffet spread and noticed the abundance of seafood choices (though they don’t have any seaweeds) particularly the yummy oysters, C was quick to remind me that I can only have 2. What can I say Pullman had me at oysters and sushi.



I failed to ask whether the oysters was a local produce but it did taste like the ocean and was opened right in front of me.


C opted to try what the outdoor barbecue has to offer- steak, grilled prawns, and kofta. We didn’t quite enjoy this plate since that steak was a bit tough. V did however enjoyed the shrimps and asked for more.


My 2nd plate – baked mussels, smoked salmon, baby squid, and some veggie salad.


Since I was in sushi heaven my boys went to the kids craft corner for V to have some Easter fun making a bunny and have his hands painted.

V showing off his Easter Bunny


The craft area had him busy for a 30 minutes which kept his mind off the chocolate room. Not all of the staff know where the kids area was since 2 of them asked us where we got our bunny.


and his hand paint

As promised once he finish his proper meal he get’s to enjoy the chocolate room. He initially wanted to just stay inside the room and eat his way around the table good thing the man promised him a big chocolate bunny if he finish his goodies in the table.

This picture was taken before we left since he got annoyed of me asking him to stop cause Mom has to take photos hence no nice photos inside the room.

Chocolate Plate

V well enjoyed his chocolate dipped marshmallows and m&m’s while C and I absolutely love the brownies. The other pastries well were ok.

Just before we left I once again indulged with my favorites.

I would go back for brunch again if only for the oysters and sushi. C finds the buffet choices quite limited since he didn’t find any noodles (my husband and his love for noodles).

Pullman MOE Easter Brunch via LivingSocial – AED 190

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