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Baby Bump Update: Week 28


Information on BabyBump iphone app:

Over the next three months your baby is in for a major growth spurt. Because of this, you may have noticed smaller movement inside your belly.

Your third trimester will bring back some of the fatigue you felt in the first trimester.


We are on our final 3 months! Happy to report that my glucose test is normal so all the waiting that day till I get to have a proper meal was all worth it. We have purchased a crib and stroller from a friend but we still haven’t figure out where to set it up in our 1 bedroom flat. C kept re-assuring me that he’ll take care of the space but I want to see it now, but since I can’t move our furniture around I don’t have any choice but to wait.


Weight: 5 weeks after my last check-up I gained 4 kilos, my official weight is 74.4 kilos. Doctor said I gained a lot but I don’t like it and it seem that all the weight is with the baby.


Physical: I’ve been having terrible migraines lately and has been vomit-ish for the past week. Parts of my body is looking swollen-nose, feet and hands my sweet boys have been re-assuring me that I’m beautiful. Aside from the swollen body parts my oh my I’ve noticed some parts of me getting dark (I mean scary dark) that prompts my honest sweet toddler to say “Oh my mama that looks ugly”


Cravings: Fresh fruit juice and it should be really cold.


V’s reaction: Last night while reading a story babybump gave her Kuya a big movement which made him shout with excitement. The first thing he asked this morning “Ma baby wake-up now?”

V was disappointed that we didn’t do any scan on my last checkUp he wanted to see his sister on the monitor.


Dad’s reaction: I told C that I want for him to cut the umbilical cord and he refuse to do so. Why? he can’t stand hospital smell. When we pass by the Hello Kitty store I think he imagines himself going inside with our little girl (we assume that like me this little one will be a daddy’s girl).


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  1. Again, congratulations! Wishing you a continued healthy pregnancy and safe, smooth and fast delivery!  Happy that V is so involved with his baby sis already!

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