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Ahl AlMandi Restaurant

We’ve been walking pass our nearby Mandi restaurant but haven’t tried the food yet. It was my friend Diane and his husband that invited us for dinner to their favorite Al Mandi restaurant which to our surprise was the same restaurant just two blocks away from where we live.

The serving was huge, one order is enough for us family of three. A week after our first Mandi dinner we had a craving for it again.



As much as I wanted to enjoy the food on the Arabic Majlis area my bulging preggy tummy won’t allow me so we settled ourselves on the tables of the dining hall. Our smiling server laid a plastic table cover and asked for our order and laid a plate of green leafy veggies and a salsa kind of dip/sauce.


On our second visit we decided to try Grilled King Fish Mandi which was perfectly grilled still juicy inside. The king fish was just not huge but a thick cut as well.


And we had some Mutton Mandi as well. My husband C have issues ordering mutton or lamb because of its strong after taste, I on the other hand am used to eating kambing since it’s a staple in our family gatherings on my father’s side. On our first visit we had the Mutton Madfoon which to my husband’s delight doesn’t have a strong mutton taste and the meat was so soft.

C really enjoyed Mutton this time accompanied by spicy salsa-like dip, he actually asked for 2 more bowls of them.



V was happy eating with his hands and enjoyed  the soft mutton meat and juicy king fish but the most unforgettable for him was the soup. He can’t get enough of the soup that he finish two bowls. I can’t quite figure out what the soup is made of, must ask them what kind it is when we get back.


Did we finish all two huge orders? Not quite, well we ate all mutton and fish meat but left more than half of the rice serving.



We may be bloated from the dinner but V and I can still squeeze in some dessert – Konafa! Hey we still have to walk 2 blocks to get back home. We ordered Cream Cheese Konafa to go.


Total bill: 78 Dhs (with 1 large water)


Ahl Almandi Restaurant

Amman Road, near NMC Hospital behind Sahara Shopping Centre, Al Nahda 2 Dubai

Tel: 2574448 (free delivery)




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  2. I think many, many Filipinos have an aversion for lamb which is such a shame. Lamb meat is really tasty especially when they’re cooked really well and in this part of the world where lamb is a delicacy, a premier dish? Well, I wish other people would try it out first before declining – a lot of my relatives say no to lamb even before taking a small bite. Sigh. But that is ok – that only means more share for me! 🙂

    BTW, we LOVE Ahl Al Mandi too!

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