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Baby Bump Update: 36 Weeks & countdown begins


As I’ve said on the previous post we are now doing a scheduled C-Section on the 26th of June. That’s exactly 14 days from now.


I’m moving slow as a turtle this days and occasionally experience nausea and migraines but of course I still have active days where I get a lot of things done in the house. I’ve had the urge to scrub every knob and corner of our flat, it’s I think what they call nesting.


Our (baby and I) hospital bag is ready, prepared it weeks ago but I have to repack again after reading some tips on packing a practical hospital bag. I’ll share it here soon.


Breads yes bread, I’ve been craving for home baked ones and since most of my mom-friends aren’t fond of making one I decided to make some for us. Last week I made Sticky Cinnamon Rolls from the FoodNetwork website and oh boy was it yummy! You can get the recipe here.


V has been really clingy, he kept on asking how much I love him and would sometimes request that he be called baby.  He would do all the baby stuff like crawling in my tummy when in bed, baby talks, and throwing tantrums. Most of the time he would settle for stories of him when he was still in my tummy asking how the doctor got him out, so I would show him my belly scar and we would watch the video of how the doctor got him out. One thing that he never forgets though is to kiss my belly and say bye to his sister before he get’s on the bus and sing songs to her after school.


The husband C has been patient with me, there are days that he doesn’t get any packed lunch and sleepless nights just to rub my back. Now that we have a date on the babe’s coming out I’ve been bugging him to re-arrange the furniture and make room for the crib.

My MIL is arriving on the 21st to help us out and give V the much needed attention he would surely miss from us. I just hope I don’t get tantrums 🙂


Maternity photoshoot by Ryan Nisay

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