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Chloe Isabelle is 2 months

We welcomed baby Chloe’s 2nd month with a visit to her Pedia for her scheduled vaccines. She had 3, one injection in each thigh and the last one taken orally. I was breastfeeding her during the vaccination hoping she won’t feel the pain but boy did she cry while looking at me as if saying “It hurts mama.”

Days before her baby wellness check we had vomiting incident of more than a cup full which made me worry. According to her Pedia as long as she doesn’t get any fever her spitting out after feed or during burp time is normal and even commented that she could be overfed. I was advised to feed her every 3 hours and burp her really well.

Kuya V was quite sad that I didn’t bake any cake for Chloe’s 2nd month. The reason why we didn’t have any cake was fever, baby girl had fever for 2 days after her vaccine and she demanded to always be carried and won’t even settle even when I carry her in a sling. She want some bear hug from Mama.

V absolutely adores her sister but would sometimes get jealous and tell us that nobody is playing with him or would often request that I give her baby to my MIL so I can sleep with him and read stories. Daddy C has been doing a good job in giving V the attention he needs. I do spend quality time with him when the baby sleeps.

Happy 2 months baby love!

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