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a visit to they Eye Doctor

Kuya V ended 2012 wearing eye glasses to correct his astigmatism.

I’ve been getting several inquiries on why he’s wearing one and what decided me to have his eye’s checked. It all happened when LittleMiss went to the pediatrician for her 5 months check. Out of the blue I just asked Dr. S if I need to bring Kuya V to an eye doctor even if he’s not complaining of any problems. His reply was, as soon as your child reach the age of 5 you have to visit an ophthalmologist for a routine check as it is just the right age where your little one is able to properly answer questions and recognize the letters/pictures on the test. This is of course if during your pediatrician check your doctor didn’t find any obvious reasons for an eye check before the age of 5.

Just before Christmas and shortly before LittleMiss turned 6 months we scheduled Kuya V to see an ophthalmologist at a specialty hospital but then got turned off because Kuya V need to go back for 3 separate days to complete the check and the doctor is only available in the morning. Hubby didn’t like the idea of just me and the kids travelling to the hospital.


While having Christmas lunch Daddy C asked if I can check if we can get a schedule at City Hospital, so happy they have 1 slot left for the day. Kuya V was checked at 3 pm by an  ophthalmologist first then an optometrist. Several eye reading test was done in about 30 minutes & 1 hour interval, the nurse also put some eye drops that was necessary for test. All test was done and the ophthalmologist explained to Kuya V and hubby C why he need to wear glasses and what was the problem.

From what I understand (from Hubby’s explanation) V has an astigmatism which he inherited from my husband’s side and that he needs to wear spectacles for 5 years and have his eye check every 3 months. Now during the 5 years duration test results might show that he doesn’t need to wear one anymore.

He’s instructed to wear specs everyday and gets to remove them only when taking a bath and sleeping. Next check will be this March so hopefully things improved.

I do suggest that you go have your kid’s or your eyes check at least yearly even if you don’t notice any obvious problem.


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