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Chloe Isabelle – 8 months

Chloe Isabelle 8 months

She is 8 months old today!

This LittleMiss has taken over our lives in happy busy way. She’s been literally all over the place refusing to stay in her playpen and would demand to be carried or held up for her to practice walking.

Oh yes! she has been doing a lot of standing and moving very fast, one minute you’ll see her quietly lying in bed the next second she already manage to sit up without any help. And she’s been mastering what V would call “pretend cry” to get our attention, the moment I let her play inside the playpen she’ll do this hysterical “they’re abusing me” kind of cry and by the time she’s in my arms she’s wearing the sweetest smile.

at 8 months old:

  • she’s eating 2 full meals a day (broccoli, sweet potato, potato, carrot, chicken breast, apple, pear, banana, plum, green peas, organic brown rice, organix multigrain and hipp nibbles)
  • sit up without any help from us
  • push herself up to stand
  • hold things in each of her hands
  • drink water in a cup – she still hasn’t figure out how to drink in a sippy
  • “Ka-ka” that’s her favorite word and she first address it to Kuya V
  • “Mama” and “Didi” she can say this when she’s upset and want to direct attention to mom and dad
  • she only smile to people she’s familiar with
  • demands to be breastfed at exactly 7pm and falls asleep for 1 hour
  • still no sign of any teeth coming out anytime


Happy 8th month our Issa-Pie! Thank you for bringing extra joy to our family.

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