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Breastfeeding in Public

You are sitting in a cafe enjoying a cup of coffee when suddenly you overheard someone asking a mother to breastfeed her child somewhere else because that person thinks its inappropriate and disgusting.

What would you do?

Sian from our UAE breastfeeding group posted the following videos conducted by abcnews.com on how customers in a cafe reacted to the situation.

Breastfeeding an infant in public.

Breastfeeding a toddler in public.

I am very happy that UAE is a breastfeeding friendly country. I have breastfed Vierte when he was a toddler and now Chloe who is 11 months, in public with and without a cover and I haven’t had a bad experience.

Some malls and establishments here have dedicated baby rooms where a mom can breastfeed her baby.

On the Breastfeeding Q&A UAE Facebook group, the most common question asked for new expat families is whether they can breastfeed in public.

Here’s an excerpt from Sian’s article on breastfeeding in public.

The great news is that both Islam and UAE society are in favor of breastfeeding (the Qur’an in fact teaches that babies have the right to breastfeed for two years), and it is common for mums and babies to breastfeed in public places wherever you are in the country. The Ministry of Health has publicly affirmed the right of a mother to feed her child wherever she is without being hassled, and the Department of Islamic Affairs confirms that this is perfectly acceptable, as long as the mother remains appropriately covered and follows normal dress etiquette if men are present –

See more at: http://brightbabyhood.com/breastfeeding-public/?wpmp_switcher=desktop#sthash.XIVqozNi.dpuf

Link to the complete article here

Just like any hungry adult, when a baby is hungry that baby needs to feed.

To be able to breastfeed a baby is a blessing. God blessed each mom that gift and power to nurture her child.

Next time you see a mother breastfeeding her child be thankful that you get to witness such blessing.

Don’t ask her to move to the toilet to feed her child unless you’re willing to enjoy your meal in the stall next to them!



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