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2013 School Year Ends

Kindergarten Graduation Photo

My LittleMan V graduates from Kindergarten.

Yesterday, he bid farewell to his school friends and teachers. It was our first graduation ceremony and along with other parents we have each witnessed how our children grew from the teary eyed KG1 babies to confident KG2 students.

This September he will move up to big school as a Year 1 student in a new school.

A big THANK YOU to all his teachers, classmates, nanny, and school bus driver for making his kindergarten life a fun one.

V leads the boys as they sing “Glowing Inside” to say Thank You to Mom & Dad



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  2. Hi there! I bumped into ur blog while searching about PPS. I would like to ask a feedback of Pristine Private School, or if you have written a blog post about it, please direct me to your links. We will be joining hubby in dubai soon, before school yr 2015-2016 kicks off. We been having a hard time looking for good and affordable schools, it seems that most of the schools I have searched are expensive only few are affordable. PPS is within our budget, I hope you could give as a glimpse about the school. That would be a great help. Thank you in advance! Oh, by the way, It’s good to found another fellow mom blogger.

    • Hi Bev! My son was enrolled for KG 1 & 2 and we were really happy with his progress. PPS has a good balance between play and academic work. We have friends on the junior level and they are happy. What grade will your son be? Nice meeting you here as well.

      • Good to hear that your happy with your son’s progress at PPS. I think my son will be in FS2, he is currently in nursery here in manila…

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