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School Lunchbox Week 2

Second week of school was a bit difficult. V starts and ends his school day complaining/asking why he has to spend a really long time in school, they all do really a lot of work, and that he misses his old school. I keep telling myself it’s just an adjustment period and that we made the right decision.

This school week we welcome a new lunch box – GoodByn Bynto. You can see from the photos below that it has 3 compartments, I can fit everything in 1 box!


Lunchbox 9 15

Deli Meat Cheese Sandwich, Yakult & Milk, and Strawberry Grapes mixed fruit.

(I was not able to close the lid after taking this photo so I took the milk out and placed it inside his bag)


Bynto came back with half of the sandwich and a few pieces of fruits.


V liked his new lunchbox because it is easy to carry and doesn’t take lot of space in the table.

Lunchbox 9 16

Rice, 15 Chicken Nuggets, and Apple Oranges


Tiger box came back home with the rice and 8 nuggets

September 18 –  He kept on asking me to feel him because he’s hot (aka fever) while eating breakfast, I assured him that he is fine and healthy. When it was time to go down to wait for the bus, V started crying because he’s nervous he won’t be able to do good work in school. I was holding back tears as V went inside his school bus crying. I sent a message to his adviser asking her to talk to V and assure him that school is fun.

Lunchbox 9 18

2 Apple Puff, 2 Yakult, Strawberry & Grapes


1 apple puff

Dad C decided that he will drive V to school which made him really happy.

Lunchbox 9 19

Mix of Nutella & Cream Cheese square bread, Spam & Cheese sticks with ketchup & Yakult


1 Spam Cheese stick, 3 pcs of bread.

His classmate D ate one of the spam cheese stick.

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