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End of First Term Party

Kuya V’s class spent the winter vacation preparing for their first term exams. The school has changed the examination format from 3 exams to just 2 major exams with assessments in between. Last year assessments and exams where scheduled before school break, this change is not something I (or my fellow parents) are happy about.

Believe me when you are a parent, school homework and tests is so stressful. I have never prepared and studied this much during my time. Let’s not talk about how I did in school, my Mom did see me go up the stage and receive my diploma.

The kids deserve (parents as well) a treat for the hard work and doing their best. We surprise them with an “End of First Term Exam Party” at Eataly. I joined the giveaway hosted by The Son and The Moon and won this party package.



The party was scheduled on the last day of their exam, we had 13 confirmed kids, a mix of Kuya V’s year 3 classmates and family friends. Excited 8 year old kids approached me asking what’s going to happen in the party, they all squealed with delight when they found out that they are going to make pizza.


It was the first time for most of the kids to make pizza with a chef!


All of them were asked to line up to get a their disposable aprons and wash hands inside Eataly’s working kitchen.

Eataly Pizza Chef Enzo

Chef Enzo working his magic on a pizza dough

Eataly team asked  kids to smell and guess name of ingredients available in their table – they had flour, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, basil leaves and fresh pizza dough.

Chef Enzo announced that they will eat what they made, it got the kids seriously working on their pizza’s.

Pizza to the oven

Chef Enzo transferring the kids pizza en route to the kitchen

They were done making pizza and was ushered to the table were a goodie bag was waiting for them.

Eataly Pizza Workshop

All of the kids receive an Eataly Arabia apron

Eataly Pizza Workshop Certificate

and a Pizza Workshop Certificate.

Each of the kids pizza were assigned 1 unique ingredient like eggplant and sweet pepper for easy identification which pizza belongs to whom.

Congratulations CakeJust when the kids taught the party was over, a big cake was delivered in their table. A congratulations cake with candles. These made the kids really happy! We sang “Congratulations Year 3” to the tune of happy birthday.

Year 3 still has a long way to go before moving up the next level. We are so proud of you all for giving your best in your first term exams.

What we think about the party?


Venue: Restaurant area of Eataly, The Dubai Mall

 It would be nice if they had a dedicated room for the party. Kids were happily chatting (and loud),  playing and running around the restaurant, they were disturbing other diners.

Food: Pizza + Fruit Juice + Cake

It took between 5-10 minutes before the pizza’s were out of the oven and the kids were already hungry, some appetizers will keep them busy while waiting for their pizza. Unfortunately, I cannot find their party packages online.  We won this party package from a blog giveaway.

Activity: Pizza making

Coloring books and additional games like recalling what ingredients were used will keep the kids occupied while waiting for their food. Bored children can mean chaos so it would be a good idea to prepare another activity to keep them busy. A complimentary pass to Kidzania or Sega Republic is another good option they can include in the package.

Overall, it was a great party, all 13 kids had fun and according to V they still talk about it in school. Chef Enzo and his team did a good job engaging each kids, they took time to check on the kids work and answer their questions. No matter how noisy and impatient the kids were, the team maintained their patience.

Children as young as 3 yrs old and those young at heart (adults) will enjoy the pizza workshop party.

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