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V is 6 and his MineCraft Cake

Minecraft Cake

V designed his Minecraft cake.

It was a week long holiday here in Dubai when LittleMan V celebrated his 6th birthday. We initially planned to have a family celebration and have dinner at his favorite restaurant  but he insisted that I make him a cake and have 3 of his friends from school come over.

Aside from playing Skylanders he’s also into Minecraft (I think every kid is) so before he request me to make him a figure cake I suggested he design his very own minecraft cake. He’s eyes lit up and requested that he make the cake with me.

Minecraft Cake

Top view of cake without the figures.

Cake is made of four minecraft elements: Jelo for the water, rice krispy treats for sand, chocolate cake for land area and pistachios for grass.

The figures you see on the first photo is made of paper we printed from this site. Daddy C made all the figures assisted by our birthday boy.

LittleMan with his Minecraft cake


  1. Love it! Minecraft is all the rage these days, isn’t it? My boy sneaks off to play it but he only has the free version. He’s been washing dishes like crazy to earn money to get the full version.

    He might die if I made him a cake like this! V is soooo lucky to have a proper mommy like you! LOL

    • You are just the perfect mommy for your 3 munchkins!
      Dad accidentally bought the full version 😉 V is not playing it often but watches YouTube videos about it.
      If you need any help making one for big K let me know.

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