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Skylanders Swapforce

LittleOnes Minions and Swapforce

V was excited for October to come. It’s his birthday month and ActiVision will release a new batch of Skylanders the Swapforce (USA release Oct 13 and UAE release Oct 18).

It’s only during his birthday that we allow him to buy an expensive toy but just one and if it’s too expensive he get’s to choose between having a party or just the toy (he usually choose the toy). This year was different Lolo Dino (my Uncle Dad a resident of Kansas City) asked him what he wants for birthday and Christmas without any hesitation he told his GrandPa names of Skylander characters that he wants to add in his collection and to make sure Lolo doesn’t forget anything he made a list.

Daddy C and I decided that we buy him the Skylanders SwapForce Dark Edition starter pack as a gift. I make him a birthday cake and we have dinner.

Skylanders to buy list

October 13 came and Lolo Dino was up early to visit several toy shops with a list of Skylanders. Visited 3 toy stores and only found 2 characters, on his last stop he found the Dark Edition starter pack and decided to buy it since he didn’t want to answer V’s question on why he only found 2 from his list. We didn’t tell V that Lolo got him the starter pack he only knew of the two characters.

A week after his 6th birthday the package finally arrived, the look on his face was priceless! LittleMiss C not to be ignored also got Minion Dave from Lolo.

Before getting married I was the one getting spoiled by my UncleDad (he was always up early to get me my Harry Potter books) now I’m being ignored!

Thank you Lolo Dino for your gifts!

Lolo Dino and LittleMan V in Singapore

Daddy C and LittleMan V went Skylanders hunting last weekend and sad to say Swapforce edition still not available in UAE.

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