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Family Fun Day @ Al Tamimi Stables

We spent a lovely Friday at Al Tamimi Stables located in Sharjah with family friends Mio (ThirdCultureFamily) and Grace (SandierPastures).

LittleMan V only knew about the days activity when he woke up that morning, and was anxiously waiting for his Daddy C to come home from a basketball game. Too excited indeed that both kids can’t contain themselves to sit and eat breakfast.

We drove for 30 minutes and finally reached our destination.

Sharing some photos:

Bouncy Castles at Al Tamimi Stables

Central area where families gather to enjoy the sun, children ran and bounce in the castles like there was no tomorrow.

Al Tamimi Stables is a 30 acres of lush farm area with over 500 domestic and exotic animals. Sports facilities, stables, petting zoo and cafe are among other things that will keep everyone busy.

Falcon show at Al Tamimi Stables

Basic ‘Falconry’ class – did you know that the falcon is the fastest animal!

Falcon at Al Tamimi Stables        LittleMan V and Falcon at Al Tamimi Stables

LittleMiss C saw the Falcon and just screamed “tweet tweet…birdie” while LittleMan V was so fascinated that he asked so many questions and was the first one to fall in line to touch and take a photo.

Petting Zoo Al Tamimi Stables

Children with the assistance of volunteers, staff and parents had a chance to hold and feed animals at the petting zoo.

Getting creative at Al Tamimi Stables

Children explored creative side of things, making puppet sticks, coloring pages, and painting pots after which they get to choose a plant to bring home.

Potted Plants Al Tamimi Stables

Flower pots now add joy to our home.


At the end of each activity, children get a stamp and win titles of Green Hero, Creativity Hero, Sports Hero, Horse Hero and Animal Care Hero.

LittleMan V didn’t get to complete the stamps, and missed riding a pony that he requested that we go back again.

"snow" Al Tamimi Stables

I know for sure that LittleMiss C and B just want to play with “snow” under the sun.

A huge Thanks to Grace for tagging us along and Al Tamimi Stables staff for making that Friday a truly fun family day.

For more information on the activities at Al Tamimi Stables, visit the website.

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