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Paper hot air balloon for the Goat who wanted to fly

I love books and I can’t say No when the kids ask me to buy them one. We attended the Emirates Literature Festival and bought several books, one of them was by Julia Johnson – The goat who wanted to fly

The story is about a goat who dreamt of flying as soon as he opened his eyes. He tried every possible way to fly like a bird but sadly failed. That did not stop him from dreaming, he climbed the tallest mountain and surprisingly woke up to a wonderful surprise – the goat found himself flying inside a hot air balloon.

The Goat Who Wanted To Fly

Materials you need to make the hot air balloon

  • small balloon
  • paper scraps cut into strips or squares
  • glue (1:1 glue & water)
  • strings
  • paint brush
  • bbq stick

DIY Paper Balloon

  1. Blow up a small balloon and tie a string on the knot.
  2. You can either place the balloon on a cup or tie the string in a clothes hanger.
  3. Mix equal amounts of glue and water.
  4. Put some glue with the use of paint brush then place a piece of paper. Continue doing this till you managed to cover the balloon surface. Let dry. Repeat process till you’ve completed 4 layers. We made us of Kuya V’s review papers for the first 3 layers and for the final layer we used colored crepe papers.
  5. Pop the balloon.
  6. Poke a hole with the use of bbq stick on the middle top and 4 more holes on the bottom. For the top hole attach a string when you poke the hole.
  7. Make a paper box, poke holes on all four corners.
  8. Tie strings from the paper box and attach to the paper balloon.

The goat who wanted to fly activity

Suggestions to make reading fun:

I scanned and printed out the character’s that helped the goat along the way.

Read the story and asked you kids to look for the characters.

  • Let them identify if the characters can fly or not.
  • You can also ask them how each of the characters inspired or helped the goat.

This is a great way to get the kids opinion and making an activity after reading the book make’s it more memorable.

What other ways do you do to make reading more fun?


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  1. Love this idea, it’s always good to do activities along side books and fun too. I’ve not heard of this book, it sounds good.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

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