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I need a Vorwerk Kobold Cleaning System

We recently attended a demo of Kobold vacuum cleaners held at Fairmont The Palm. In the middle of the demo I declared that I want uhmm well more of NEED the cleaning system. All throughout the demo I have been sending updates to my husband with a message “I wish you’re here. The product is amazing!”

#GetKoboldClean 4Work Event

Let me tell you why I need a Kobold Vacuum cleaner in my life.

1. 5 years warranty and a fife expectancy of 13 years. 


4Work team headed by Gerlinde began the demo by showing us a 85 year old Kobold Vacuum Model S, yes it was still working. They also guarantee to provide a replacement within 24 hrs for cases where the machine needs some further fixing.

2. The Kobold VK150 make use of a 3 in 1 HEPA filter bag that ensures 99% of allergy substance are caught.

We’ve had our vacuum for a while now and it already emits this awful odour which only means that my vacuum releases small particles trigger asthma and allergy. The multi-layer Kobold filter nasty particles and also makes sure that the air it releases is clean.


Gerlinde showed us how to use the stylish vacuum – handles can be easily adjusted and the power button is conveniently located on the handle grip. I got a chance to use the vacuum and I absolutely love how it was so easy to reach underneath the furnitures and move on corners.

3. I can deep clean our carpets, mattress and sofa’s with Kobold’s carpet brush attachment.

Kobold Deep Clean Capability

One of my chores growing up was to beat the dust off our pillows, mattress and carpets then let them sterilize under the sun. I still practice this cleaning task and even go to an extent of replacing our bed pillows yearly. Oh dear, I just realize that by beating the pillows I am actually spreading the dust around the house. I need this machine!

Notice that white thing on the upper left photo above, it’s the carpet brush that immitates the “beating task” but does not spread the allergen particles because all dust are suck inside the machine and filtered with the HEPA bag.

To further deep clean mattress, Vorwerk developed a powder called Lavenia Snow that will free our mattress of skin, dust mites and their excrement. It can even remove ink stains, is odor free and protect us from allergies.

Kobold Vacuum and Mop

The VacuMop set consists of Kobold SP530 attachment, washable cleaning cloths, cleaning liquid and dispenser. One needs less than a quarter of the liquid solution diluted with 60 ml of water. It sucks/vacuums the dirt first then mops the floor. Vibrating motion of the vacumop makes it the perfect choice to clean hard floors, tiles and even parquet.

4. Small details that make cleaning easy and stylish.

Kobold Etc Attachments

You can walk around the house with the Kobold VK150 in our shoulders and the wire is almost 7m long that you can easily hook around the side of the machine to keep the wire neat. The lower right attachment suck in the wall while Daddy (Mom) does the drilling. They have several other attachments like the crevice and extender tool that helps you clean the hard to reach areas.

5. On sick (lazy) days, you can use robot vacuum.

Set the time and it starts cleaning my house and when it’s running out of battery, the machine find it’s way back to the docking station and goes back to the last stop it made. Intelligent little thing!

So with all the amazing things I’ve mentioned above, how much is it? Kobold products start from just over AED 3000, it is expensive I know but what I’ve realized over the years is that when you want results and good quality you invest in it.

One day when I’ve saved enough I will own (yes dear husband!) at least the basic set.

If you’re still not convinced book a free home demonstration on the links below and see the results for yourself.

+971 4 880 0268 | 4work FB page

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