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Ottoman cuisine at Saray Sultan

We were invited to dine at the newly opened Saray Sultan, the newest Turkish restaurant in Dubai that promises to serve authentic Ottoman cuisine in Dubai.


Saray Sultan has glass walls and open terrace that’s perfect for the lovely weather we have right now. The LittleOne’s chose to sit inside because they wanted to see how the chef’s prepare our food.


Daddy C and I ordered our favorite appetizers – Baba Ghanoush and Hummus which was serve with a huge warm Turkish bread. The smell of freshly baked bread was divine, I had to remind the LittleOnes’ that they have to leave space for the main dish.



For drinks we had Lemon Ginger Mint, Fresh Orange, Mango and Homemade Aryam.

We were the only diners that Friday lunch time and had the opportunity to go inside the kitchen. How the chef’s work in the kitchen always fascinates Kuya V. Thank you Chef Zafer and Chef Lemuel for allowing us inside your kitchen.

As much as we wanted to try something unfamiliar in the menu like the Belen Tawa Saute or Hatay Tepsi Kebab, we had to order something that the kids would eat and not waste anything. Kuya V had his mind set with Saray Mix Grill and grilled Lamb Chops.


Saray Mix Grill consists of lamb chops, minced beef, mutton and chicken cubes accompanied with the usual fries, onions, chili and tomato. Meat was seasoned well, juicy and tender. LittleOnes were kind enough to share a bite to us.

Saray Sultan Grilled LambChops

Kuya V had this plate of grilled Lamb Chops all to himself and wanted to have some more.


The pita bread filled with a red sauce made by Chef Zafer was really delicious that goes well with the grilled meat.

Saray Sultan Chicken Saute

Chicken Saute served in a clay pot reminded us of a Filipino Dish-Chicken Menudo, we requested that the they prepare dish to not be spicy so the kids can try it as well. A smoky tomato base dish that was so simple but full on flavor that you just want to have some more.

Saray Sultan Kunafa & Mix Turkish Sweets

I ordered Saray Mix Turkish for dessert when our server explained that it would consist of baklava, Kazan dibi and seker pare. It was for me the perfect choice it only had a slice of what I want to try but sadly at the last minute the kitchen decided to serve basbusa instead of baklava and they did not inform me prior to serving the platter. Out of the three Turkish sweets the least I liked is the seker pare because it was too sweet for my liking. Kunafa Cheese is a family favorite and it never disappoint us but the one we buy in our neighborhood still is the best.

Overall we had a good dining experience the food was served in a timely manner (we were the only diners),  servers explained the dish well to us and polite. One funny thing is that when we went inside they were playing Filipino love songs which was changed when the Turkish bread was served.

Saray Sultan is located on the first floor of Reem Mall, Jumeirah 3, Dubai UAE. For reservations or more information, call 04 3217700 or write to info@saraysultan.com.


Disclosure: We were invited to dine at Saray Sultan for the purpose of review. All views and opinions are my own.


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