Month: February 2016

DinnerTime ME Summertime Fusilli

A much needed help from DinnerTime

One of the most difficult task I have to do every week is menu planning specially when you have two picky eaters. The past week has been a challenging one – assisting kids with school work, keeping house in order, maintaining the blog and I’m not feeling well. Daddy C offered that he just buy take-out on his way home from office or we could just dine at our nearby shawarma place for dinner.  Take-out food for two straight days make us feel weird and bloated. Tired. Yes, I was just really tired. I was browsing pinterest for new dishes we can try when I got an email from DinnerTime offering us to try their services. The universe heard my plea and sent them to rescue me. Customers have four dinner menu to choose from – Standard, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free and Paleo box. I chose to try the standard box menu. Every week DinnerTime prepare a healthy balance menu which has been approved by their test panel for yumminess. All ingredients needed for the week was delivered in our …

Pizza heart valentines theme bento

A simple Valentine’s Day Bento Lunch Box

This is LittleMiss’s first Valentines Day where she is aware that it is a special day to express your love. Last week, Kuya V handed me a Valentines card and this made LittleMiss sad that it prompted her to ask (while crying) “How about me, Kuya?” We lied and said that it was for her too. This made her happy. “I love you, Kuya! Happy Valentines Day.” Later that night she asked me to help her tell Daddy about Valentines day. We showed Daddy the card Kuya V made for us. “Daddy, you will give me flowers and chocolate hearts on Valentines.” She woke up with a red rose and kiss from Daddy. Before he left though, she reminded her to buy chocolate hearts. Here’s a simple bento to celebrate Valentines Day! Kuya Vierte: Pepperoni pizza hearts, sweet corn, LOVE apple and cereal bar. LittleMiss C: LOVE apple, sweet corn and pepperoni pizza Bento tools: knife to cut pizza and fondant letter cutters for LOVE apple. Happy Valentine’s Day! Tag us on any of your bento lunchbox creations …

BiCE Friday Brunch Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort

BiCE Ristorante Friday Brunch, Hilton JBR

A table brunch concept was something new to our family. Choose a dish you fancy from the menu which consists of 14 dishes – starters, pasta, mains and desserts. Marco Gigli, BiCE restaurant manager and Sudeera our server for the day suggested that we try everything from the menu. So we did. Among the starters our favorite was definitely the Burrata with Cherry Tomato and Pesto Sauce – all the elements worked really well and probably the best burrata we’ve ever had, both Prosciutto with cherry mozzarella, artichokes with rocket salad and Octopus carpaccio with lemon oil and crispy vegetable come in second place. All of the vegetables had that lovely fresh crunch and the sauce used for the salads which made use of different kinds of olive oils was delicious. When Sudeera noticed that we were almost done with our starters, he asked if we would like second helpings of starters and that he will notify the kitchen to prepare our pasta dishes. We were informed that it will take 15 minutes for the pasta dishes to arrive. A pause we …

Eataly End of Term Party

End of First Term Party

Kuya V’s class spent the winter vacation preparing for their first term exams. The school has changed the examination format from 3 exams to just 2 major exams with assessments in between. Last year assessments and exams where scheduled before school break, this change is not something I (or my fellow parents) are happy about. Believe me when you are a parent, school homework and tests is so stressful. I have never prepared and studied this much during my time. Let’s not talk about how I did in school, my Mom did see me go up the stage and receive my diploma. The kids deserve (parents as well) a treat for the hard work and doing their best. We surprise them with an “End of First Term Exam Party” at Eataly. I joined the giveaway hosted by The Son and The Moon and won this party package.   The party was scheduled on the last day of their exam, we had 13 confirmed kids, a mix of Kuya V’s year 3 classmates and family friends. Excited 8 year …

Kids fun at Dubai Park

Afternoon at the Park

For us desert dwellers, Dubai weather is freezing at 18c well not so much for my children who refuse to wear jackets when we go out. An afternoon in the park with  no gadgets for the kids just the good old running and getting themselves dirty. LittleMiss was happy playing mama to her baby alive doll Lucy. That afternoon we stopped by Paul at Sahara Centre to get a complimentary picnic bag filled with delicious sandwiches, pastries, fresh juice and salads. Paul’s picnic concept is convenient for those spur of the moment picnic outdoors.   Disclaimer: We were given a complimentary picnic basket from Paul.


A family dream trip to Vienna, Austria

Growing up looking at photos of my Papa’s business trip and watching movies made me want to travel and see the world. I was able to recognize Europe on the world map when my Dad left for a month long training to France. The postcards, souvenirs and stories during his trip made me dream and want to explore Europe.  My dream to be able to set foot at Europe came true when I was given a chance to volunteer for World Youth Day 2005. The movie Sound of Music played a big part on why I want to visit Austria, but sadly I did not get a chance during my trip. It is still on my list of places to visit and hopefully this time with my own family. Travelling with the family needs a lot of planning since we need to be able to cater to everyone’s interest. One thing I know for sure is that we all agree that to fully explore and immerse oneself during trips is to explore the food scene. …