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A much needed help from DinnerTime

One of the most difficult task I have to do every week is menu planning specially when you have two picky eaters. The past week has been a challenging one – assisting kids with school work, keeping house in order, maintaining the blog and I’m not feeling well.

Daddy C offered that he just buy take-out on his way home from office or we could just dine at our nearby shawarma place for dinner.  Take-out food for two straight days make us feel weird and bloated.


Yes, I was just really tired.

I was browsing pinterest for new dishes we can try when I got an email from DinnerTime offering us to try their services. The universe heard my plea and sent them to rescue me.

DinnerTimeMECustomers have four dinner menu to choose from – Standard, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free and Paleo box. I chose to try the standard box menu. Every week DinnerTime prepare a healthy balance menu which has been approved by their test panel for yumminess.

All ingredients needed for the week was delivered in our house at the exact time I requested (a surprise since on time delivery here is a taboo) Sunday morning. Our DinnerTime bag was filled with vegetables, meat, bread, pasta and the recipe book for the week. I reviewed each recipe to make sure I have the common staple ingredients like salt, pepper, oil and some herbs at home.

The kids were excited that week as well, my eldest exclaimed that now I can have rest in thinking what I need to prepare for dinner. I only ask them to give the new dishes we are having that week a try – they agreed.

Sunday  – Korean Beef Bowl. The recipe calls for chili flakes so I had to prepare a separate bowl for the kids.



Monday – Summertime Fusilli. A pasta dish with Salmon as main protein. Kuya V surprisingly enjoyed this dish and asked that I pack some of the leftovers for his lunch the next day. LittleMiss only ate salmon meat.



Tuesday – Creamy Broccoli Potato Soup. Just soup for dinner is something that’s new for us so I baked some chicken along with the soup. Both kids enjoyed dipping the baguette in the soup and was surprised that it consists of broccoli. Cream was made from cashew nuts.



Wednesday – White Bean Chicken Chili with Pumpkin   This is our favorite! Even Kuya V declared this a favorite despite being spicy. I made a non-spicy batch for LittleMiss, when she saw that it was served with chips, it was already a winner. ChickenChilliPumpkinC

Overall, we enjoyed each meal prepared that week.

Will I consider getting their services? Yes, because…

  • It took off the stress of thinking what to prepare for dinner. Ingredients was delivered sunday morning along with the menu. Yes, I still need to chop and cook but I did not have to stress what dish to prepare that night.
  • The menu offered a variety of dishes that incorporates meat and vegetables. I really feel that DinnerTime group really took the time to make sure that each dish is healthy and delicious.
  • Less food waste – the box sent to us was meant for four people. We did have some left overs but the ingredients used to make the dish was just the right amount. The only leftover ingredient I had was olives.
  • Every dish was done at exactly 30 minutes! Yes exactly 30 minutes because the kids and I timed our dinner preparation. We are crazy bunch.
  • DinnerTime got me excited to prepare dinner at the time where I really feel tired. Why? because all that I needed was already right in front of me.

Thank you DinnerTime for sending us help the week I needed it the most.

Visit DinnerTime.Me to view next week’s menu.

Disclaimer: DinnerTime.Me offered us a standard box to try and review. All views and opinions are my own.

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