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A much needed help from DinnerTime

One of the most difficult task I have to do every week is menu planning specially when you have two picky eaters. The past week has been a challenging one – assisting kids with school work, keeping house in order, maintaining the blog and I’m not feeling well. Daddy C offered that he just buy take-out on his way home from office or we could just dine at our nearby shawarma place for dinner.  Take-out food for two straight days make us feel weird and bloated. Tired. Yes, I was just really tired. I was browsing pinterest for new dishes we can try when I got an email from DinnerTime offering us to try their services. The universe heard my plea and sent them to rescue me. Customers have four dinner menu to choose from – Standard, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free and Paleo box. I chose to try the standard box menu. Every week DinnerTime prepare a healthy balance menu which has been approved by their test panel for yumminess. All ingredients needed for the week was delivered in our …