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JC Nichols Memorial Fountain with horse

Kansas City Fountains at The Plaza

We spent 1 week at Kansas City during our US trip to spend time with my Uncle Bernard. It was our chance to experience the “American life” my Uncle has been living for more than 10 years. I just use to hear stories of how life is back in Kansas, it was nice to finally see the places in his stories and dine at his favorite restaurants. The first things that the kids noticed on our drive from the airport to my Auntie Lory’s house was the big fountain located at the entrance/exit of the airport and then some more along the way. You will see more beautiful fountains at the Plaza. To which the kids declared that they need more quarter to make a wish. Later on we found out that Kansas City is also called The City of Fountains. We were then on a quest to have the kids photo taken on each fountain we see. The first fountains built in Kansas City were made for the horses, dogs and birds to drink. If you are on …

A trip to Space at the Griffith Observatory

A visit to the Griffith Observatory was not in our Los Angeles iterinary, we are sure glad we got to visit this amazing place. Griffith Observatory is a free admission and operated by the government of Los Angeles. It opened in 1935 and has been one of the best informal education facility in the US and the most visited public observatory in the world. The Observatory is the best place to see the famous Hollywood sign. LittleOnes were excited to see the sign that we just see in movies. Place was packed with visitors and news media when we visited last July 14, 2015, we did not have any idea till we went inside and spoke to one friendly staff. We are about to see Pluto up close for the first time!  A historic and fascinating planetary event after 25 years because NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is about to pass by Pluto and give us humans live images of Pluto. It was in 1989 when NASA showed images of Neptune. They revealed a beautiful image of pluto with …

Endeavour Space Shuttle California Science Center

Up-Close with the Endeavour Space Shuttle at California Science Center

A visit to the California Science Center was not in our plan; we honestly did not know that it is home to the Endeavour Space Shuttle. As we enter the Samuel Oschin Pavilion our jaws dropped at the sight of the Endeavour Space Shuttle, it was huge and completely overwhelming.  It’s not every day that you get to see a space shuttle up close. There is a reservation fee of $2 to see the Endeavour which you can purchase online (timed reservation is required beginning September 2015). We purchased IMAX tickets to watch Galapagos 3D which entitled us to a free pass to see the space shuttle. Kuya V sat thru the movie while the rest of us fell asleep, we were jetlagged.