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Essential Oils – Fab or Fad?

I consider myself skeptic to ways that claims to be the “solution” to everyday issues. Growing up, my mindset was if you have issues with your health, you should go see a doctor and have yourself examined then finally go home with medicines prescribed to you.

However, this all changed when I became a mom, the instinct to protect my child from what could possibly hurt him kicked in. Enrolled myself to a Lamaze class to prepare my body for natural birth, consumed organic products and had my mind set to breastfeeding my child. Well, not everything went according to plan – both kids born via CS, I was on bed rest for a whole month, crazy nausea until the day I gave birth; breastfeeding was painful and I was only able to produce good amount of milk on the 3rd month; cloth diapers – which I still believe is economical and ecologically a sound choice; baby wearing and going all organic for the food my kids consume. Going “all natural” is not easy.

I eventually gave in to chicken nuggets and the likes. A much convenient path.

Then, a health scare happened last May 2016 where I found myself a frequent visitor of the hospital’s emergency room. It was a very difficult time because it was just us, Daddy took a charge of the home front while I stay in the hospital until the doctors examine what was wrong. The solution was for me to undergo a Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy to remove my gallbladder and an Endoscopy to remove a stone from my bile duct. Went home with strict instructions to make better choices.

Then, the kids seemingly endless and recurring bout of respiratory issues which always worsen at the beginning of each school year. I find myself going home with at least 5 kinds of medicine for each kid every time we see our pediatrician. A cycle I want to end.

I have to make better choices.

My cousins back in the Philippines have been sharing some changes in their daily routine – diffusing essential oils and making oil blends that they massage on my nephews and nieces. I bought some bottles of essential oils readily available in the stores here in Dubai which they have suggested to improve my kids respiratory.

It did have good effect on us because we have better sleep and the kids usual snotty nose has did not need any medication. But when I started reading how it was sourced and produced, the information was vague. The bottles sat on our cupboard almost forgotten.

Good friend and fellow mommy blogger, Sheila of ABandMe let me experience her collection of essential oils when I expressed that I have been having sleep problem because of my stiff neck. This all happened casually when our daughters had a playdate. We left with sample bottles of essential oils she wanted us to try.

Within the two weeks of using the samples Sheila gave me, I noticed that my kids did not complain of stuffy nose at dawn and we had better quality of sleep. Even with just 5 hours of sleep I woke feeling fully rested like I completed 10 hours of deep sleep.

essential oils dubai

We have been using essential oils since September 2016 and there is no stopping me from incorporating it on our daily life. Kids have been looking forward to our oil bonding where a stroke a blend of oils across their spine and in their tippy toes. My husband requests (demands) that I diffuse oils for bedtime. Our pediatrician is happy that the kids have a stronger immune system and is happy to send us home with instructions to drink lots of water, eat healthy and just use medicine when I see that they really need it.

Is it fab or fad?

While essential oil seem like a fad because a lot of people are talking about it, I now understand.  A person who experience something that have positively affected them, you have the natural urge to share it oh so passionately. My friends can attest to this, I have been sharing my oils to almost every one I meet.

My family have been enjoying the fabulous benefits of essential oils.  Let me know if you want to know more, you have found a happy “oily mama” here.

It would be my pleasure to walk with you in this oily journey. Use my referral code 12771973 or click here.

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