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#LunchBoxTalk – Prepare your kids Lunch Box Kit

Are you availing of the school lunch package or preparing one at home? Tin or plastic? Compartment or box type?

Let’s talk about SCHOOL LUNCH KIT!  In this post I will share our favorite boxes and essentials that make my lunch packing easier.

Also, check out previous post on Top 5 things you need to get your lunch kit ready.

lunch box kit

Collect this items!

These things are stuff you can easily gather and build a stash off from eating out or having food delivered.

school lunch kit
  • Table Napkins
  • Wet Wipes
  • Disposable Utensils
  • Condiment Packets – ketchup, mayo, salt and pepper

You will save a lot by making it habit to keep the extra things listed above you get for free. Wash disposable utensils after use to save more moolah, mama!

Water bottles

Whether you choose BPA free plastic or stainless bottles for your kids, you should ask yourself  – “How to clean the bottle”

I prefer water bottles that has removable parts because yucky molds can build up in corners. Base on our experience any removable parts can also be replaced.

#LunchboxTalk Water Bottles

Once a week sterilize all bottles specially the plastic parts. I use warm water + salt to sterilize  weekly and Milton sterilizing liquid monthly to remove black spots that may appear.

Compartment lunch box

I prefer compartment boxes because it is neat and when the kids open it, they see everything and not shuffle from one box to another.

Here’s our 3 favorite compartment boxes.


2019 update: Detailed review of OmieBox, here.

I declare OmieBox the coolest lunch box this 2018! This box is by far the only one available in the market that is capable of storing hot and cold food.

OmieBox Dubai

This box is 100% leak proof and airtight to keep food fresh. A slider can be removed and use to adjust the space of the two compartments. I will post another review after a month of use.

OmieBox is now available in the UAE.

Yumbox Panino

This box has been last school year’s favorite because it’s colorful and light. We’ve had this box for a year now and has hold up pretty well.

Yumbox Panino

This one is 100% leak proof which is one of its best feature. I have packed saucy pasta and yoghurt in it and the liquid stayed in its compartment. That being said colorful sauce tend to stain the silicone and sometimes food smell stays.

Yumbox is available in the UAE and Philippines.

Planetbox Rover

We’ve had this steel box for 4 years now, has survived rough handling of a active boy and his troop. The box still looks brand new!

pnaetbox rover

What I like the most is that this steel box is so easy to clean – not greasy and food smell don’t stay. While food stay in their designated compartment, you need to pack “saucy” food in a separate sealed containers, they are called dippers.

We bought this from the Planetbox website and had it delivered to Dubai via Aramex Shop N Ship.

Check out some posts to help you with school lunch packing.

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  1. Am so new to this, and yet I find myself enjoying the #LunchBox prep for my little pre-schooler. Thank you for sharing your practical tips, and hopefully I’ll get better soon and come up with creative ideas to make lunch even more Fun 🙂

  2. Khushboo says

    The steel planet rover box has to be my favourite. Maybe one for me if one day I ever go back to work. P. S. those steamed dumplings look so cute!

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