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Dubai Miracle Garden

V’s exam week is finally over and we all need a breather, something new and definitely not inside a mall. The weather now is just perfect to be spent outdoors. Daddy C suggested that we drive to Dubai Miracle Garden since we haven’t been to the place yet. Sharing some photos: It was Friday afternoon and the place was packed with tourists and locals. We’d like to visit the garden on a weekday and enjoy a quiet morning appreciating all the flowers in bloom. LittleMan V had fun running around, smelling the flowers and teaching LittleMiss C the colors. She had fun copying whatever her big brother was doing. LittleMiss C and her awkward picture pose. Dubai Miracle Garden has about 45 million flowers in bloom, presented in stunning topiary designs of pyramids, flower beds, and Burj Khalifa. Flower designs will change every year so returning visitors will have something to look forward too every season. Food stalls are available for you to grab a quick bite, but I do suggest that you don’t visit …

Train ride with my Little Ones

My first train ride with two kids happened last weekend. Daddy C was on a business trip to India and I have to go to my dentist. I can’t reschedule my dentist appointment since it was important that my orthotic device (for my TMJ) be adjusted. We had a long train ride ahead of us: Stadium station to Marina station. V was very excited while I kept on praying that LittleMiss won’t ask for “nanan” (breastmilk) for the entire ride. V saw the sign just perfect for us! But we didn’t get to sit. It was 8:30 am and the train was full! Both kids still in a jolly mood, V was entertaining LittleMiss doing his balancing act. We finally got to sit after 6 stations and the kids getting bored already. LittleMiss want me to buckle & un-buckle her while in the stroller. Good thing, iPadNanny was with me who managed to keep the kids (& passengers) entertained with Despicable Me 2 till we reached Marina station. V took care of LittleMiss with the …

Giveaway: Mother, Baby & Child Show 2013 Tickets

Congratulations!  Noona Al Sayyed BusyMommyDXB ***   Every year since we arrived in Dubai we have been to each of the MB&C Show. V absolutely love going to the show and participates on almost all the kiddie activities, have his photo taken with the mascots and for us parents this is the place where we get to complete our Christmas shopping. Pre-sales tickets priced at AED 65 (including entrance to the show and priority entrance to see Father Christmas) are available on AED 125 per person from 12-14 December 2013 This year I’m so happy to host a giveaway for the Mother, Baby & Child Show.  Two winners will get a chance to win 1 VIP ticket. For a chance to win you just need to do two things: 1) Tell me what your family Christmas tradition is by leaving a comment below. 2) Share this post and leave a comment telling me you did. Winners will be announced noon time on December 12 . More about the event here.

A year with The Entertainer

We buy the big blue book of The Entertainer book every year. Entertainer is a compilation of more than 1500 vouchers you can use to dine, have fun, relax and a whole lot more. Yes! you read that right a whole lot of vouchers similar to the one below. Every time the MyNappytales family dine out we always check the big blue book for restaurants we can try. It has also made us try new places.   Our complain with this wonderful blue book is that it’s heavy to carry around (especially if you have a baby) when we go out and we sometimes lose pages.   This problem though will end this year because the Entertainer team has launched a new app!   They are now running a limited 10% offer when you pre-order 2014 Entertainer books. If you want to try your luck go hop to Grace’s blog here she’s having an Entertainer giveaway.  

More than Frills & Pink Tutus

I grew up showered with girly toys – barbies, kitchen sets, carebears and cuddly stuffed toys. My boy cousins have bikes, race cars, and skateboards. I so wanted to learn how to ride a bicycle and skateboards but I was not allowed since it’s for boys (that’s according to my Aunt). When Papa left us I started hating my barbie dolls and turned them to evil enemies of He-Man and She-Ra, my barbie dolls lost an arm and some their head!     GoldieBlox is changing toys for girls that will encourage them to enter the male dominated field of Engineering, Technology and Mathematics. Isn’t the video fascinating! I want my LittleMiss to explore the world of play beyond pink tutus and dolls. If you agree, then click here and vote for them to win a commercial spot in the Super Bowl.  

Are you ready for Taste of Dubai?

One of the many festival that we look forward too is Taste of Dubai (TOD). TOD will feature about 30+ restaurants, and cooking demo with celebrity chef’s – V is looking forward to have his picture taken with Jeny Morris and Reza. We went to our first TOD last year, the choices were overwhelming and we just manage to try food from 4 prominent restaurants. That’s why this year I am preparing our list on “What to eat at TOD!” with the help of my foodie friends from Fooderati Arabia. Below is a list of food preview they had for TOD: PearTreeDiaries – Thiptara & Asado Taste of Dubai Preview IshitaUnblogged – Taste of Dubai Menu Tasting the Hedonista – Taste Teaser Foodiva – Taste of Taste of Dubai My Custard Pie – Simple Italian Food    

Afternoon Tea Party with MamaKnowsDubai

We attended our first tea party last Sunday held at Millennium Airport Hotel hosted by MamaKnowsDubai. My family look forward to events organized/hosted by Kellie – Chief Mama of MamaKnowsDubai, she always make us feel welcome with her cheerful smile. Our first one was cineMama event held at Mercato. The weather was perfect that afternoon cool breeze and a little sunshine to keep us warm. V had fun with the kids on the bouncy castle while Chloe was happy sitting on the grass with a cookie. Every bite was yummy – Millennium Airport Hotel I also got to meet Leslie of BuckleUpDubai and Julia of who took photos that afternoon. Chatted and shared a smile with other moms as well, I hope to see them again on the next event. It was refreshing to enjoy the afternoon talking to other moms and just forget about house chores and what to cook for dinner. Looking forward to the next event with MamaKnowsDubai Hop on & bookmark MamaKnowsDubai for fun activities the whole family will surely …

Just like daddy

Most kids living in UAE get stuck playing indoors with all the gadgets available to them, that’s why we encourage V to do some extra activities. We first enrolled him to take karate lessons but he didn’t enjoyed it and beg us to stop. C found out about the Filipino Youth Basketball League from the referee of their game, we asked V if he wants to play basketball with a happy face he replied “I want to play basketball like my Daddy.”  He just finished his 2nd season of basketball league and he has improved a lot from the 1st season. Every Saturday he looks forward to spending time with Daddy – both of them head off after breakfast to his league and his Dad patiently waits for 2 hrs. While eating they talk about basketball moves and spend quality time browsing shoes (I hope he doesn’t collect shoes like his dad) Parents cheered for the final game V’s team the Falcons led on the first quarter but Might Tigers worked hard and won 1st …