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Weekend Fun:Emirates Airline Literature Festival & Westin’s Pik-Nik

We are excited for the weekend! Our March started off with Kuya V’s term 2 examination (a two weeks stress for me), a good friend will spend the weekend with us and a stay-cation to a nearby Emirate. I have been planning to go meet an author or watch a show at Emirates Airline Literature Festival, but never really got a chance too. Told the boys about the programs this year and both chose to watch the War Horse Puppet show and meet the author of Exploding Loo – Rachel Hamilton.

Farmer’s Market Fun with Kids

“Are there any activities for the kids to do?” No bouncy castles. No face painting. No balloon twisting. I prefer it that way, less distractions and more appreciation on what the Farmer’s Market has to offer. Take it as an opportunity to teach your kids where the food came from. Here’s how you can make it fun: First, eat something. Baker and Spice has a wide range of breads and healthy breakfast options for you to choose.  Any hungry person is no fun to be with, so make sure you grab something to eat.

Our afternoon walk and things we discovered

Lately, LittleMiss is not very fond of her stroller – “No! Walk march me, Mom.” When her path is clear, she let’s go of my hand and walk by herself. Kuya V’s first time to cross the road alone. LittleMiss was yelling at her “No. Stop. Look, left and right.” I felt a sense of pride and sadness, the realization that he’s a big boy now. “See, Mom! I did it! Checked for cars and cross street. Kalas! ” Soon, he’ll ask that I no longer walk with him.

Fishing Village at Eden Nature Park

  LittleMan V has been planning a fishing trip with his cousin Ate Sophia even before we left for our annual vacation.  His fascination with fishing began last year when his Lolo Nonong told him stories of them fishing in the sea when Lolo was still working overseas at Marshall Islands.     LittleMan V had his first fishing experience last year at Carmen, Davao del Norte. It took 45 minutes before he caught his first Tilapia and he was hooked to fishing. This activity was something that he can’t stop talking about and on the top of the list of things he must do back in the Philippines.

Family Fun Day @ Al Tamimi Stables

We spent a lovely Friday at Al Tamimi Stables located in Sharjah with family friends Mio (ThirdCultureFamily) and Grace (SandierPastures). LittleMan V only knew about the days activity when he woke up that morning, and was anxiously waiting for his Daddy C to come home from a basketball game. Too excited indeed that both kids can’t contain themselves to sit and eat breakfast. We drove for 30 minutes and finally reached our destination. Sharing some photos: Central area where families gather to enjoy the sun, children ran and bounce in the castles like there was no tomorrow. Al Tamimi Stables is a 30 acres of lush farm area with over 500 domestic and exotic animals. Sports facilities, stables, petting zoo and cafe are among other things that will keep everyone busy. Basic ‘Falconry’ class – did you know that the falcon is the fastest animal!          LittleMiss C saw the Falcon and just screamed “tweet tweet…birdie” while LittleMan V was so fascinated that he asked so many questions and was the first one …