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Emirates LitFest: Warhorse and Exploding Adventures

For the first time we attended some sessions featured at Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, there was a lot to choose from but decided on two session that interested our Kuya V. 1st Session: The War Horse Puppets in Action Daddy and Kuya attended the session together. Both boys were so amazed on how the puppets were made, it takes them 1 year to complete 1 horse. It takes 3 men to carry one horse puppet and they have to study every move a real horse make – how the ears moves, the tail and even the sound it makes. Kuya noticed that he was the only young kid in the audience. His next wish is to watch the War Horse play.

LittleOnes Library: Reading time

iPad is strictly off limits during school days. Kuya Vierte complained that there was nothing for him to do, LittleMiss was sleeping and I was busy cleaning up – I have no one to play with, he said. I told him to read me a story a loud, he once again complained that we already know all the stories and all of our books are for babies. I reminded him that we did have books for 6yo kids – some from Dr. Seuss and Encyclopedia for kids. With a sad face he stomped and browsed our book shelf. Finally, he chose “Time for Kids: Almanac 2014” and minutes later – silence – he was enjoying. I promised him that Mommy will stop work and take time to sit down and read with them.